Andramed GmbH, Minimal Device Engineering

Silvanerstr. 8
72766 Reutlingen

Phone: +49 7127 972290
Fax: +49 7127 972291

Company Contacts
Department/ Name Address

Distribution Gunter Kohl

Company Figures
Export content > 75%
Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

About Us
The Andramed GmbH designs, manufactures and distributes technologies known as Minimal Invasive Devices like stents
snares, microsnares, baskets and catheters..

For the future we are ready to bring you our new pruduct area near to you. Our Company was founded in April 2004 and our mission is to solve and find the optimal solution in the bioengineering medical field.
We are a young and a very high potential team to satisfy our customers.