Diapath S.p.A.

Via P. Savoldini n. 71
24057 Martinengo

Phone: +39 0363 986411

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MARKETING AND SALES- A.Scholz Via P. Savoldini n. 71, 24057 Martinengo, Italien, German Speaking, +49 0363/986437

MARKETING AND SALES- Dr.ssa F.Gritti Via P. Savoldini n. 71, 24057 Martinengo, Italien, Telefon: +39 0363/986414

MARKETING AND SALES- G.Russo Via P. Savoldini n. 71, 24057 Martinengo, Italien, Telefon: +39 0363/986487
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Area of business Commodities and Consumer Goods for Surgeries and Hospitals

Premises and Building Technology

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Diapath S.p.A.
Diapath S.p.A. is a private company which operates nation wide independently distributing its own products or those of the main international filed company. For few years now about half of our production is exported mainly in Europe.
The high tech products we sell are intended for the medical sector of histo-cytopathology in particular, instruments and consumables for the preparation of histological slides (human/animal tissue) and cytological (cells). Diapath’s main objectives are aimed to:

Supply, doctors and technician of histo-cytopathology laboratories high quality, reliable, safe and approved products. Offering also a competent after care service and support for the natural life of the abovementioned products
Assure that the quality control, demanded by the Directors, is clearly understood and acted upon at all the levels in the organisation
Recognise people as the main company assets to ensure that each individual is fully committed and aware of one’s own priority role and target sharing
Achieve profits which guarantee an income, adequate to investment to ensure the best success for Diapath and its collaborators
To come up with a certified quality system in line with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 rule for a continuous evolution and improvement of services offered to customer
Locate and solve problems related to the quality promptly, which could run into costs due to added interventions, replacement or reparation
Determine instruments and indicators, adequate to reach and control gains and regulations that characterize the company
Undertake to operate with quality and excellent in each activity
Considering that due to a constant technological evolution of laboratory instruments and consumables, as leaders in this field, we believe that if we want to keep and maintain our excellent position on the market, it is vital, we do so by ensure that quality reliability expected by all our product users is met in each phase of achievement and distribution, starting from the sale of the product right through its use by the costumer, by guaranteeing the product throughout its whole life cycle.

The individuals responsible for the different functions, have a stake in this policy, hence they assure through their own structures and competences that procedures, adequate to the qualitative evolution of Diapath are established, applied and updated.
Furthermore each collaborator is responsible for keeping himself/herself updates on the procedures concerning his/her own activity and for operating accord lying being in pursuit of continuous improvement of one’s work to fulfil customer expectations.
We are sure that the right management and the use of the Quality System Programme will lead to a high degree of satisfaction for our customer and at the same time will improve the quality of our working life with mutual satisfaction. Therefore the basis and principles of the Company Quality System Programme will not be limited only to the activities of manufacturing and distribution of the products, but it will put into effect preventive measures and corrective actions to avoid customer litigation, thus improving the Company status at every level.