Imatis AS

Herøya Industripark, bygg 25
3908 Porsgrunn

Phone: +47 91 800-700


Company Contacts
Department/ Name Address

Marianne Bergius-Tveit Marketing coordinator

Volker Seyffert Business Development Manager
Company Figures
Number of employees 50-99
Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology


Communication and Information Technology

Facility Management

Company Profile

About Us
Imatis is an IT company from Norway which specializes in delivering solutions for the Digital Hospital.
Imatis has developed a software product suite that provides the IT foundation necessary to support advanced eHealth solutions and improved clinical processes that healthcare organizations need in order to increase efficiency and productivity. It brings together diverse technologies such as medical, communication, building control and IT to create a highly available real-time information environment that enables efficient, technology enabled processes, through integration.

IMATIS goes beyond advanced clinical systems and includes significant additional integration between information technologies and medical technologies—such as patient beds, surgical equipment, nurse call and communications systems, pagers, and medical imaging technologies. People, processes and technology are united into a coherent whole – creating a more productive, secure and safe environment for both patients and staff.

The IMATIS product suite is a combination of key hospital and clinical applications, as well as a powerful middleware for connecting people, processes, information and systems to lay the foundation for improved communications and work processes including patient flow. The product suite consists of applications in the following main areas:

•Unified Communication Solutions
•Clinical Information Solutions

Whether built from the ground up or implemented via a stepwise modular approach within established facilities, Imatis makes IT integral to the delivery of healthcare services.