Instramed Indústria Médico Hospitalar Ltda.

Protásio Alves 3371
90410-003 Porto Alegre

Phone: +55 51 33344199


Company Contacts
Department/ Name Address

Export Sales Manager – Rodrigo Phone/Fax: +55(51) 3334-4199, Mobile: +55(51) 00957322
Company Figures
Sales volume 10-49 Mio US $
Export content max. 25%
Year of foundation 1988
Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

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About the Company

Instramed has been operating since 1980 with the clear objective of developing national technology in the sophisticated and strategic market of medical equipment.

The first equipments developed by Instramed with its own technology were electro bistouries and monitorial cardiopaths. In 1989, the factory started commercializing the HS 01 defibrillator, one of the first micro processed defibrillators in the Brazilian market, a totally national project. At present time, Instramed line includes cardioverters and multiparameter monitors, and its technology is present in major hospitals, clinics and healthcare establishments all over Brazil and in more than 20 countries, providing benefits to lots of people using these equipments, which are reliable, accessible and accurately built.

Another important point is the relationship with costumers, which goes beyond the order placement. It is extended throughout the entire life of the product, even for those Instramed doesn’t produce anymore. In this way, professionals work every day to offer the best technical assistance: fast, reliable, and accessible, performed by the company engineers – Instramed has a national and international sales structure and offers representatives and authorized technical assistance to all Brazilian capital cities and abroad.

Instramed invests more and more in its productive process each year. As a result, the company received the Manufacturing Good Practices Certificate from ANVISA – a Brazilian Healthcare Department Agency, responsible for establishing standards, considering, following and executing policies, regulating lines and actions around sanitary monitoring – published in the Official Gazette on July 11th, 2003. This Certification is also valid in all Mercosul countries. Moreover, Instramed also has the ISO Certification, standard NBR ISO 13485 – 2004, required to healthcare area companies.

The company believes innovation is one of the main factors for its growth. For this reason a professional team is specifically dedicated to research, and it is continuously improved through courses, graduation and master degree scholarships, besides partnership with important institutions such as São Lucas Hospital – PUC – RS, Irmandade Santa Casa de Misericórdia – RS, Porto Alegre Cardiology Institute and Ernesto Dornelles Hospital – Porto Alegre – RS. They all use Instramed technology, and also contribute for the continuing improvement of our products.

Another important action is the partnership with universities. Instramed carries on projects with Rio Grande do Sul Federal University and PUC-RS (two important universities in Rio Grande do Sul state). Through these partnerships, the company motivates professionals and independent researchers, supporting master and doctorate thesis, along with unpublished studies. This initiative is currently carried on in only few universities and research centers in the world.

By developing and using its own technology, the company contributes to the country healthcare system, offering equipments developed to Brazilian reality, competitive prices, and a continuous national clinical engineering net information exchange, besides reducing equipment imports, increasing job offers and tributes, and achieving technological independence. Instramed has become a solid brand, worthy of market respect and awards from specialized publications. Without ever stopping, it has started a renewing process in all its line, with products that keep cost-benefit characteristics, quality and trustworthiness, attractive design and using facilities. Therefore, it thinks reality: it is developing along with life.