Lakhani Medicare Pvt. Ltd.

136/24, Faridabad
121005 Near Delhi, Faridabad Haryana

Phone: +91 129 4195700
Fax: +91 129 4195777


Company Contacts
Department/ Name Address

Mr. Ashutosh Kashyap +91 9818170063

Mr. Rajesh Parasher +91 9810394776

Company Figures
Number of employees 100-499
Sales volume 10-49 Mio US $
Export content > 75%
Year of foundation 2006
Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

Company Profile

Lakhani Medicare Pvt. Ltd.
We take this opportunity to introduce Lakhani Medicare or LaMed as one of the largest manufacturer and exporter of Medical devices from India.

We manufacture wide range of single use medical devices like I.V. catheter, three way stop cock, Extension and Pressure monitoring lines, Infusion and transfusion sets, Naso Gastric Catheter etc and shall introduce new product lines in phases.


At LaMed, Our wide product range includes:

Range of I V Cannula

Primaflon – I.V. Cannula with injection Port (14G- 24G)
Primacan Alpha I.V. Cannula without port w/o wings (14G- 24G)
Primaneo and Primaneo Alpha I.V. Cannula for Neonates (24 &26 G)

Infusion Therapy
Link/Link LR- Three way stop cock normal and lipid resistant.
Link/Extension tubing with integrated three way stop cock.
Link extension tubing.
Link PM Lines – Pressure monitoring lines.
Heparin Cap, Luer Plug
I.V. Infusion Sets (Plain/Air vented/Micro Drip set)
Measured Volume Set (Burette Set) 150 ml and 100 ml
Blood Transfusion set

Naso gastric Catheter
Suction Catheter
Nelaton catheter
Ryle’ Tube
Levin’s Tube
Infant feeding Tube
Thoracic Drainage catheter

Air way Management
Geudel Airways
Endo tracheal Tube with Cuff
Endo Tracheal Tube without cuff

La Med seek your association to promote our products in your country for mutual benefits. We can assure you of quality and competitive prices if given opportunity.

We look forward to receive your requirement to quote you competitive prices and samples for approval.

We will be happy to serve you.