M&A Medical Supply Co., Ltd.

6 Soi Ramindhra 52/1, Kannayao
10230 Bangkok

Phone: +66 2 94 85 278
Fax: +66 2 51 91 592


Company Profile

About us
Medical Supply Co. Ltd (MSC), which was founded in Dublin, Ireland in 1971, is essentially a supplier of laboratory reagents and instrumentation to hospitals, universities, technological institutes, veterinary practices, industrial and pharmaceutical companies throughout Ireland.

Closer inspection of our Agencies list will disclose the variety of products which make up our portfolio. Our ever increasing product range is regularly reviewed to ensure that we meet the changing needs of our customers.

Innovative techniques are an on-going feature of diagnostic and research laboratories. Our professional expertise enables us to provide quality advice and guidance, which effectively controls cost, eliminates waste and maximises efficiency.

MSC believes that products should be augmented by first class support material, which is an integral part of the laboratory supply business in the present day. Therefore, we try to ensure that relevant articles, as well as promotional material, are readily available to all our customers.