ME.BER S.r.l.

Via Langhirano, 270
43010 Fontanini / Parma

Phone: +39 0521 648770
Fax: +39 0521 648780


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Sabrina Galloni Tel: 39-0521-648770
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Me.Ber.: the best partner for who works in the medical emergency sector
Me.Ber. works in the medical emergency field since when it was established and as every one working in this sector, have only one aim: the success of the rescue missions.
Our products and services are designed to grant the maximum efficiency, always. To design the products we manufacture, we use computer simulation instruments and tridimensional CAD systems that allow to study the product before to build it, evaluate its features with end users and to make the necessary modifications at the planning stage.
All emergency and first aid operators know that the good result of their job depends from the professional training and from the instrument they use. This is the reason why we believe that is essential that the operator working with a Me.Ber. product knows that, in case of emergency, there is an instrument they can rely on, an instrument that can save one life.
We make sure that details are checked carefully. We supply to operators all needed information to allow all devices and instruments to be used in the best way.

Me.Ber. advanced services: the quality beyond the quality of the products
Global Service
Me.Ber Global Service is the whole services support directed to keep at top level the efficiency of the products.
A company department provides that all the products in use by customers will maintain the same operative and safety standards once they come out from production. This is possible thanks to a constant attention to the operators needs and to a technical structure that allows to keep unchanged over the time the products values. Furthermore, thanks to the web site is possible to quickly log-in into a video and info section, getting a help regarding the usage of Meber products.
Me.Ber. web site
Our web site is a point of reference for any info and news concerning our products. The site allows to create a purchasing list in order to require offers and quotations. Filling in with your personal data a specific form in the users area you will be automatically registered in the Me.Ber. mailing list and receive updated products news, special promotion and company activities.