MedicalPack S.r.l.

Via XXV Aprile, n. 3
23854 Olginate / LC

Phone: +39 0341 682576
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Company Profile

Company Profile
We are a company manufacturing pouches and reels for sterilization placed at north of Milan. We sell and export our products all over the world both with our STERIPERFECT brand than with personalized brand on customers demand. Our chairmen and technicians can claim an experience of more than ten years in the field of medical packaging and sterilization.
Nowadays the sterilization process requires equipments and materials that are one hundred percent reliable and more than ever before there is a growing realisation of the role of packaging of the product to be sterilized.
It is more and more evident that quality starts with the selection of the most suitable materials and the utilisation of modern and reliable plants; this in order:
-to avoid any risk of product contamination,
-to check easily the completed sterilization,
-to guarantee sterilization in course of time.
We are able to meet all our customers’ demands, ranging from large to really small orders, satisfying even just in time delivery requirements.
The smoothness of the production line and our vast finished goods storehouse allow us to guarantee very short lead times and quick deliveries.
In order to produce items able to meet European Standards we rely on our internal rigorous quality control procedures. Special attention is given to the choice of raw materials and to every single phase of the production process by means of continuous laboratory analysis. Then, a final thorough inspection of the product guarantees a perfect execution of the same.