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10719 Berlin

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Marketing Bundesallee 13 – 14, DE-10719 Berlin
Company Figures
Number of employees 20-49
Sales volume 1-9 Mio US $
Export content max. 25%
Year of foundation 2002
Area of business Communication and Information Technology

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Medical Documentation Systems for Hospitals
MEDNOVO: Documentation and integration for a modern health service

MEDNOVO is a young company enterprise (founded in October 2002) located in Berlin, Germany.

MEDNOVO is specialized in development of medical documentation systems and the connection and integration of medical devices into various hospital information systems (HIS) – the ideal connection of documentation and medical technique in hospitals.
Besides the support and further development of the led software solutions for the health industry we develop new ways to implement most modern database and network technology in hospitals and physician’s practices appropriately and profitably.

Our product portfolio is as follows:

• MediColor: Documentation system for all kinds of functional diagnostics

Complementing modules:
– Nemesys: Findings and documentation system for Neurology/Neurophysiology
– DocuMedis: EDP-based wound documentation
– MediHelis: Left heart catheterization documentation (cardiology)

• MediAnes: Online-anaesthesia documentation

Complementing module:
– MediAnesIntensiv: Intensive care documentation (under way)

• MediWriter: Word processing which can be integrated into other software systems

• MEDNOVO HL7 Blackbox: HL7 Interface for medical technology enterprises

Our corporate and marketing strategy is as follows:

• Intensification of our activities in the current market segment and niche marketing instead of product diversification as we wish to avoid competition with existing and potential partners
• Extension and intensification of cooperation with enterprises of adjacent fields of activity
• Internationalization in cooperation with internationally active partners

Our target group is:

• Hospitals at home and abroad
• Industrial enterprises being active in the fields of software and medical technology

To meet the growing demand in this field we offer our services as a service provider and developer of HL7 Interface management (HL7 Blackbox) to industrial enterprises. Furthermore, these enterprises with their international distribution channels act as multipliers towards our goal of going global.