M.S. Vision Ltd.

North Industrial Zone
78170 Ashkelon
POB 7132

Phone: +972 8 6759283
Mobile: +972 50-8362324
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Elinor Matzliah- Marketing and Office Manager msvision.elinor@gmail.com
Company Figures
Number of employees 1-19
Sales volume < 1 Mio US $ Year of foundation 2005 Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology Company Profile M.S. Vision Ltd. M.S.Vision Ltd. is an emerging medical device company, specializing in developing and manufacturing intubation laryngoscope of novel design, providing cost efficiency and operation convenience. There is a current upward trend in the use of plastic disposable blades for laryngoscopy, however their widespread use has been hampered as they are often costly and not strong enough. Reusable blades, however, are problematic, due to their substantially high initial and maintenance costs. Moreover the safety and operation convenience of the laryngoscope need improvement. M. S. Vision developed a laryngoscope with reusable and disposable plastic blades. M.S Vision eliminated the problems associated with reusable and disposable plastic blades by introducing an adapter between the handle and blade, assisted by M.S. Vision's unique design of blades, handle, illumination system and fastening and locking mechanisms. M.S. Vision's unique and unbreakable single-piece plastic blades are engineered to maximize patient safety, operation performance and to drastically lower production cost for end user. Technology & Products • M.S.Vision’s products are technological breakthroughs in terms of: Strength, Safety, Maintenance Costs, Operation Convenience and Material Recycling. • The M.S. Vision laryngoscope includes a detachable adapter between the handle and blade. The common single illumination system is completely located in a unit of the handle and the adapter. This leaves the unique one-piece plastic blades free of any components of the illumination system. • Having outstanding resistance to bending and twisting due to the support of the blade from inside the adapter provides maximal patient safety, lowered production costs and a unique capability for recycling. • The reusable and disposable two-sided blades are convenient both for right-handed and left-handed anesthetists, improving the visualization, and extending the capability of using auxiliary means. • The illumination system includes LED as a single light source for all blades eliminating the need for light source replacement within the life time of the laryngoscope, increasing the life of the batteries fivefold. • The universal conventional handle is suitable for use as medium, stubby or pediatric handle and has decreased weight, enhancing the sensitivity of the user's hand.