MZ Liberec, a.s.

U Nisy 362/6
460 01 Liberec
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 488 040375
Fax: +420 488 040326


Company Figures
Number of employees 50-99
Sales volume 1-9 Mio US $
Export content max. 50%
Year of foundation 1967
Area of business Laboratory Equipment

Premises and Building Technology

Company Profile

MZ Liberec as a private enterprise was founded in 1992 but its history dates back to early 70’s from when its predecessor “Montazni zavody” had been enjoying prominent position in the market of former Czechoslovakia and became major exporter to many COMECON countries. Newly established company thus benefi ts from the long-time experience in the fi eld of development of medical and technical gas pipelines.

In nineties of the last century, a number of new competitors emerged on the domestic market as well as on the foreign markets. This signifi cantly accelerated development of the company that focused on the manufacturing of terminal units for healthcare facilities (i.e. movable and stationary pendant or wall mounted medical gas supply units). These products are designated for all size of operating theatres, ICU, ARD and high-standard wards.

Besides design service and project installation of medical gas pipelines and pipeline terminal units, MZ Liberec also provides installation of all types of source units (i.e. air compressors, vacuum pumps, vacuum reservoirs, pressure regulators, evaporators. MZ Liberec uses its own gas pipeline products as well as products of other manufacturers in order to fully satisfy customer needs and achieve the best results in user�s adaptability to appliances.

Nowadays, MZ Liberec maintains the primacy in the Czech Republic in terms of annual turnover and is the biggest employer in this fi eld. Apart from deliveries in Czech Republic, the company has successfully placed its products in a number of foreign countries, e.g. Slovakia, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Finland, Lithuania, Romania, Moldavia, Belarus, Russian Federation, Egypt, China, Ukraine, Jordan, Tunisia, Vietnam.

MZ Liberec focused on providing complete services (project, design, realization, warranty and after sale service). As a prove of this activity is our permanent off er of free-of-charge revision in all hospitals equipped with our systems of medical gas distribution, which is provided according to standard CSN EN 737-3.

In January 2004, the company changed its status from limited company (s.r.o.) to public limited company (a.s.). Soon after that it was re-certifi ed for complete quality management ISO 9001 (2001) and ISO 13485 (2001). All company products are CE certified.