Raven Biological Labs

8607 Park Drive
68127 Omaha, NE

Phone: +1 402 593-0781
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DataTrace datatracesales@mesalabs.com

Raven Labs sales@ravenlabs.com
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Number of employees 50-99
Area of business Laboratory Equipment

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Raven Labs
Mesa Laboratories has three divisions; Medical, Raven Labs, DataTrace. Mesa’s Medical Division manufactures dialysate quality control meters used by technicians to quarterly calibrate dialysis machines and by dialysis nurses to QC the dialysate prior to beginning the procedure.
Raven Labs Division of Mesa Laboratories, established in 1949 is a manufacturer of Biological Indicators for sterility assurance testing. The products are used in hospitals, by pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, dental offices, microbiology laboratories and even tattoo parlors.
Mesa’s DataTrace Division manufactures wireless electronic data loggers for recording temperature, pressure, and humidity in critical environments, including sterilization processes. The newest offering called DataTrace RF is a radio frequency, wireless data logger offering the user real time data in addition to logging capabilities.