Shanghai How Medical Dressing Technology Co., Ltd.

Room 7001, 335 Guoding Road
200433 Shanghai
China (Rep.)

Phone: +86 573 83131788
Fax: +86 573 83133788


Company Figures
Area of business Physiotherapy / Orthopaedic Technology / Occupational Therapy

Commodities and Consumer Goods for Surgeries and Hospitals

Company Profile

Shanghai How Medical Dressing Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai How Medical Dressing Technology Co., Ltd (Howmedic) established in FUDAN Technology Park of shanghai in china.
Howmedic specializes in developing, manufacturing and marketing new products for the healthcare, sports and first aid markets.
Focus on its core manufacturing, research and development competencies, Howmedic offers customers solutions to everyday manufacturing challenges.
Howmedic factory is GMP certificated. We have written procedures on file for monitoring of these practices, such as keeping environment, personnel and producing process cleanliness, education and training, storage of materials,, exposed product protected, protection from pests, Adequate ventilation provided etc.
Mission statement

Our mission is to be an excellent supplier and developer of high-quality and cost effective products for our customers.
Our mission is accomplished through our expertise in manufacturing, research and development and dedication to quality, performance, continues improvement.
Business philosophy

We believe that our future is directly linked with the prosperity of our customers, so we focus on developing long-term relationship with our customers.
We believe in providing the highest quality and competitive products available. In order to accomplish this, we wok on increased efficiency at all levels and all area of our organization.
We believe that creativity and innovation is the core of staying ahead of the ever-evolving needs of our customers. We accomplish this through encouraging our employees and learning from our customers.
We believe in a long-term business horizon and ensure steady growth by building our business based on integrity, trust and reliability.