Sushrut Surgicals Pvt. Ltd.

Sushrut House, Survey #288, Hinjewadi
411 057 Pune, Maharashtra

Phone: +91 20 66520700
Fax: +91 20 66520800


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International Sales
Company Figures
Number of employees 100-499
Sales volume 10-49 Mio US $
Export content max. 50%
Year of foundation 1973
Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

Company Profile

Sushrut – The Name that Spells Trust
Product innovation has been the hallmark of Sushrut™ for many years.
Early success recognized widely by the market was the ability to provide high quality products at reasonable prices. The last decade has seen consistent steps to add value with relevant products and innovative solutions.
The tie-up with ADLER™ brought European standards and certified products to Sushrut’s product program.
UMEX™ and ResTor™ have fuelled the spirit of innovation and creativity of Indian surgeons and opinion leaders.
ZETA™ and TITAN™ brought to spine surgeons an implant range born out of years of Sushrut experience with spine implants. Again, the spirit of innovation was evident in the extensive biomechanical work which preceded the introduction of the system.
More recently, OneLock™ and CerviEdge™ bring world class Spine Solutions to spine surgeons and patients.
The EAZEE™ system with its innovative approach to the problem of radiation and higher safety for operating theatre personnel, brings benefits that are gaining increasing recognition, worldwide.
The cost effective ATLAS™ nailing system offers next generation features usually found in more sophisticated nailing systems. From innovative products and solutions, Sushrut is now progressing with innovative approaches to working with the orthopaedic community.
The Sushrut Learning Centre™, the first of its kind in Asia is a teaching and training centre dedicated to the community of orthopaedic surgeons.
As Sushrut™ progresses further, embodying the spirit of innovation, determined to maintain and consolidate a position of Leadership. Leadership through Innovation.