Suzuken Company Limited

8 Higashi Kataha-machi, Higashi-ku, Nagoya
465-0015 Aichi

Phone: +81 52 9506327
Fax: +81 52 9627440


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Manager – Hitoshi OZAWA Tel: +81-52-950-6327, Fax: +81-52-962-7440
Company Profile

Corporate Philosophies
Suzuken’s core business is pharmaceutical distribution. As a leader in the field, we deliver ethical pharmaceuticals for patients, diagnostic reagents and medical equipment safely and reliably to medical institutions and pharmacies. The Suzuken Group spans Japan: Suzuken Okinawa Yakuhin Co., Ltd., Suzuken Iwate Co., Ltd., Nakano Yakuhin Co., Ltd. (Tochigi Prefecture), Sanki Corporation (Chugoku region), ASTIS Co., Ltd. (Shikoku), and Shoyaku Co., Ltd. (Kyushu). Suzuken plays a central role in Japanese pharmaceutical distribution with the nationwide network of sales offices it commands through these group companies.

Moreover, the Suzuken Group’s collective capabilities extend beyond pharmaceutical distribution to span the full range of healthcare-related fields. Other companies in the group include Sanwa Kagaku Kenkyusho Co., Ltd. (pharmaceutical manufacturing), Kenzmedico Co., Ltd. (medical equipment manufacturing), Sanki Clinical Link Co., Ltd. (clinical testing services), HMS Co., Ltd. (medical practice consulting), Life Support Co., Ltd. (insurance consulting), and Life Medicom Co., Ltd. (medical publishing and advertising).

Suzuken makes the most of the valuable feedback its nationwide network provides from medical practitioners. It puts this information to good use in developing new ways to contribute to medical treatment. However, this is not the only focus of Suzuken’s efforts. The Suzuken Group also develops equipment intended to help the general public stay healthy, working in a broad range of medical and health-related fields to support healthy lifestyles.

Suzuken is in the “health creation” business

Suzuken is currently striving to enhance and streamline its core pharmaceutical distribution capabilities. It is also launching a diverse range of other businesses that support medical treatment, such as the development of medical equipment including Holter electrocardiographs, and a system for mediating between specialists and general practitioners for the provision of electrocardiograph analysis and other services.

Suzuken is also finding innovative ways to offer value in the field of health promotion. A notable example is its service supporting individual health management to prevent those at risk of increasingly prevalent lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure from succumbing to these diseases. As a ‘health creator’, Suzuken aims to contribute to healthier and better lives for everybody by involving itself in every aspect of healthcare and finding new ways to provide value that will last into the next generation.