Tav Tech Ltd.

City Gate Building, 56 Haatzmaut St.
56000 Yehud
P.O. Box 11 67
56000 Yehud

Phone: +972 3 5360515
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Company Figures
Number of employees 1-19
Year of foundation 1996
Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

Company Profile

Tav Tech Ltd.
TavTech Ltd. was founded in 1996 with the mission of developing and providing the health care market with innovative technologies and devices, based on a gentle, supersonic hydro-oxygen flow technology. TavTech’s platform technology is applicable to aesthetic skin rejuvenation, wound management, medial oral care, orthopedics and surgical uses.

TavTech Ltd. is an innovator of state-of-the-art technology, incorporating jet aviation principles and engineering. TavTech’s unique systems use only natural components – oxygen (or other medical gas) and water – accelerated to supersonic speeds to achieve the desired effect on tissue. The technology is patented and has broad application across the medical spectrum.

TavTech Ltd. has achieved a number of important elements of its mission, providing the medical markets with professional devices in a number of versions.

Aesthetic Medicine – TavTech’s new JetPeel™ multi-functional skin rejuvenation system uses nature’s own elements – air, oxygen (or other medical gas) and saline solution. The JetPeel™ family of products is designed for skin rejuvenation, facial resurfacing, removal of age and hyperpigmentation spots, peri-oral wrinkles, facial deep cleansing (pores, comedones) and moisturizing, scars, acne, stretch marks, scalp care and a variety of other applications, all painless.

The JetPeel™ system contains a control unit and three versions of a unique disposable handpiece (a triple-nozzle and two single-nozzle models) that is lightweight and ergonomic.

TavTech Ltd. offers two versions of the JetPeel™ system. The JetPeel™2k system relies on a single source of gas – a cylinder of oxygen (or other medical gas, depending on the treated area and the user’s preference) – while the JetPeel™3 system provides an unlimited amount of compressed air as well as fast and convenient switching between air and oxygen or other medical gas.

Although the JetPeel™ system is sophisticated and multi-functional, it is simple to operate and requires only brief training. The JetPeel™ system is not only compact, affordable and requires minimal maintenance, but also offers a quick return on investment.

The JetPeel™ systems are currently available in the U.S., Canada, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, the Philippines, Italy, France, Baltic countries, Russia, Croatia, Switzerland, Norway, Benelux, Turkey, Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, and Israel.

Wound Care – The Jetox™ family of products originated with the Jetox™-ND for thorough, yet virtually painless, cleansing and debridement of wounds. The Jetox™-ND treats diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, burns, and traumatic and post-surgery wounds gently and efficiently. The Jetox™-ND is a disposable, lightweight, portable handpiece.

An additional product, the Jetox™-HDC system, is designed for cleansing and debridement of hard-to-debride conditions. The disposable, triple-nozzle, Jetox™-HDC handpiece contains proprietary suction elements for very effective cleansing.

The Jetox™-ND and the Jetox™-HDC systems were both designed to be used with standard oxygen connections available in hospitals or other medical facilities.

The Jetox™ systems are currently available in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Switzerland, France, Italy, Greece and Israel.

Surgery – TavTech recently introduced its third application, the Jetox™-SMP, for gentle cleansing of tissues. This device is designed for use in modern, minimally invasive cardiac surgery and microsurgery to remove blood from the operating site and to provide better visibility, allowing the surgeon to perform anastomoses in a bloodless area. The kit contains a distinctive ergonomic handpiece with a flexible extension that conforms to any desired angle, and an associated tubing set.

Forthcoming applications – In pursuit of its mission, TavTech’s R&D team continues to develop additional devices based on its patented technology.

JetDent (temporary name) is intended for the periodontal market for removal of bacterial plaque and for oral debridement applications. The first prototype has been designed and tested, and an initial feasibility evaluation suggests promising results. The company believes that JetDent not only offers a unique cleansing and debridement solution that may replace or supplement alternative modes of treatment, but may also increase patient compliance.

In the future, TavTech intends to apply its patented technology to additional medical solutions.

Production – TavTech’s Jetox™ and the JetPeel™ family of products are produced at a GMP-compliant facility using TavTech’s proprietary molds and assembly tools. TavTech Ltd. has earned ISO-13485 and CE certificates for its current family of products.