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The TEAL focus.
Improving power quality worldwide.

In the digital age, using less-than-pure power to run electronics-based equipment is an unacceptable risk. Transients, surges, spikes, and a host of other electrical evils can damage your processes, your products, your profits, and perhaps worst of all, your reputation. Everyone knows that power can corrupt. But not everyone knows what to do about it. TEAL does.

We are the leading developer of integrated power management systems. We concentrate on power exclusively. We know the intricacies of electricity, especially how to meet industry-specific challenges, and we will work as an extension of your own engineering staff. TEAL will put you in tight control of your power quality.

Using a variety of patented technologies, TEAL will design, test, and build an application-specific power subsystem that precisely meets your needs. From refrigerator-sized >200 kVA units to <500 VA models that can fit in a shoebox, each of our solutions is as unique as it is ultra-reliable. Often, the logical outcome of developing these subsystems is helping customers improve the overall reliability and cost competitiveness of their end products, while shortening the time to bring them to market. TEAL is uniquely qualified to provide our customers with the engineering, manufacturing and customer service support needed for a new power subsystem program. TEAL is 100% focused on providing power subsystems. Our motto is “We Power Technology™,” and that is all we do.