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Sales&Marketing Patrick Sellem
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Number of employees 1-19
Sales volume < 1 Mio US $ Export content > 75%
Year of foundation 1993
Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology


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TMA Medical
Founded in 1993, TMA Medical located in Austria is expanding the business of the “Mobile Care Unit System (MCU)”.
After a successful market penetration, TMA Medical is currently looking for Distributors, Partners or Investors to expand the Mobile Care Unit introduction worldwide:
Designed for stationary or portable use, the Mobile Care Unit is a unique stand-alone multi-devices diagnostic system operated and controlled by a tablet-PC specifically configured.
The Mobile Care Unit introduces the first interoperable PC based platform enabling the interface of bio signal sensors from different source origin, and although creating a homogeneous electronic medical record that can be reviewed and transported anywhere.
The Mobile Care Unit is also a breakthrough in telemedicine and ehealth, representing Personal Call Center with user-friendly remote functionalities; all users of MCU systems can communicate each other and exchange clinical data – send and receive – on a secure environment.
Installed on personal computer which becomes a Receiving/Sending Station, the MCU Software enables a remote diagnostic in real time operation and a second opinion specialist diagnostic.
What is new within the Mobile Care Unit?
The MCU Software manages all devices and assures the following functions:
• Guidance to the (user) doctor, easy interaction based on touch screen and help.
• Acquisition of sensor signals, signal shaping, noise filtering, artefact elimination, storage for evaluation.
• Evaluation of signal cycles (e.g. heart pulse, ,SPO2, respiration loop).
• Evaluation of personal data limits, assistance to interpretation of Lung Function, ECG examinations.
• Receiving and transmission functionalities of the data.
• User-Friendly PC based devices with the MCU Tablet PC.
• Calibration facilities for medical sensors.

Benefits of the Mobile Care Unit:
• Portable diagnostic platform
• Fully controlled with an user-friendly Tablet-PC
• Touch Screen commands of all examination
• Open environment to most diagnostic devices in the market
• Customizable platform to Client requests
• Data security – closed system
• Remote Access – Export / Import data functionalities
• Remote Access Service – Remote training / support/ update.
• Closed system – no miss use, no uncontrolled HW and SW changes possible.

Examination possible configurable and available on the Mobile Care Unit:
• 12 Lead ECG / ECG Electrodes Belt – high end ECG with interpretation and measurements.
• Non Invasive Blood Pressure.
• Pulse Oximetry (SPO2) – Oxymeter and Sensor in one.
• Spirometer – ATS Standard.
• Screening Audiometer.
• Blood test monitor: total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose, and ketones.
• X-Ray images viewer.
• Digital images library – picture capture functionality (from a Digital Camera or USB sticker in option.
• Urine analysis – 11 tests (Bilirubine / Ketones/ Glucose/ Blood/ Nitrite/ Density/ Urobilinogen/ Ascorbic Acid/ Protein/ pH Value/ Leucocytes).
• Automated Haematology – System.
All medical devices are PC based and comply with the clinical standard and CE regulations.
Fields of application and operation:
Suitable Medical Check-up centres, Homecare, Hospitals and GP network, Private Call Centre, Occupational Medicine, Rural Centre, Army facilities, Retired Home, Specialists such as cardiologist….
Existing already is several configurations; the Mobile Care Unit can be customized for B2B, OEM or specific client or project requests.
TMA Medical is currently offering the opportunity to join now to the fast-expansion of the Mobile Care Unit diagnostic system worldwide: looking for Distributors, Partners or Investors …
For further information:
Contact person:
Patrick Sellem – Business & Development