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Sebastian Semler Tel.: 030 – 310 119 50
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A network for networks

Infrastructure for networked medical research

Nowadays, medical research can to an increasing degree be conducted with success, and be internationally competitive, only if carried out on an interdisciplinary, often also inter-regional or international collaborative basis. In the TMF, medical research associations have joined forces in order to work together in identifying and solving common issues and problems of a technical, legal, and organisational nature that are often unconnected with the specific clinical problem and research focus. The TMF, as meta-organisation, serves to enhance the organisation and infrastructure of medical research in interlinked structures.

The TMF members include the competence networks in medicine, the coordinating centres for clinical trials (KKS), a number of networks dealing with rare diseases, infection epidemiological networks, the National Genome Research Network (NGFN) and various other networked medical research organizations.

Community approach: A large proportion of the TMF’s work takes place in the scope of the working groups and forums.

Projects in the TMF: The projects constitute the central core of the TMF’s work as regards content. The TMF makes use of the diversity of the research associations’ specialist areas and expertise in order to coordinate their results on a broad basis in the specialist areas of medicine and medical informatics and biometrics.