TOMED Dr. Toussaint GmbH

Lindberghstr. 3A
64625 Bensheim

Phone: +49 6251 983344
Fax: +49 6251 983345



Company Contacts
Department/ Name Address

Managing Director: Dr. W. Toussaint Tomed Dr. Toussaint GmbH, Lindberghstr. 3A, 64625 Bensheim, Germany, Phone: (+49 6251) 98 33 44, Fax: (+49 6251) 98 33 45
Company Figures
Number of employees 1-19
Sales volume 1-9 Mio US $
Export content max. 50%
Year of foundation 1997
Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

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TOMED Dr. Toussaint GmbH
Tomed Dr. Toussaint GmbH is a medical enterprise founded in 1997 focusing on products for sleep disorders, obstetrics & gynecology.

According to our mission “Dedicated to Customer Value” we want to supply our customers with quality products which meet specific medical needs and help doctors as well as patients to overcome their health problems in a cost-effective way.

In the field of sleep medicine we put our focus on the develpment of mandibular advancement devices to treat snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea. In addition, Tomed is offering in this business segment products to correct supine body posture during sleep.

In obstetrics & gynecology we are active in the fields of contraception, treatment of urininary stress incontinence and pregnancy related discomfort by abdominal, back and pelvic pain.

Apart from Germany dealers and distributors are marketing our products in many European countries, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, North America, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Flexibility and reliability are very important to us when serving our customers and business partners. It would be a pleasure for us to be of service to you.