Tronics Microsystems S.A.

55, rue du pre de l’horme
38926 Crolles

Phone: +33 4 769729-50
Fax: +33 4 769729-51
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About Us

The path to MEMS success in our young industry requires strategic, hands-on leadership from a confident guide whose broad experience can lead the way from envisioning MEMS applications to delivering their potential.

Tronics Microsystems is a flexible, private, mid-size company that develops and reliably manufactures custom MEMS components and microsystems for demanding applications. We were spun off from CEA-LETI, the largest MEMS R&D center in Europe, in 1997.

We have steadily grown by collaborating closely with our customers to bring their products to market. We are recognized for our expertise and track record in industrializing advanced MEMS concepts into reliable, high-performance custom products for hard-to-please customers.

Tronics’ unique business model, rigorous execution and visionary leadership are validated by our consistent profitability. We are the first pure-play contract manufacturer of advanced MEMS devices to have achieved that performance milestone.

Our technological expertise offers one of the strongest bases of MEMS skills and advanced manufacturing solutions in the industry:

Unique expertise in manufacturing MEMS on SOI
25 years of background in MEMS leveraged by years of manufacturing
Know-how and experience in building supply chains for MEMS components
Proven success in industrializing high-performance custom components
Collaborating with and guiding a diverse group of select customers every step of the way, we have become the No. 1 provider of custom MEMS components on SOI. In addition, we are a leading contract manufacturer of custom MEMS components and microsystems for demanding, high-end applications.