United Diagnostics Industry

Siteen Street
11496 Riyadh
Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 1 4730833
Fax: +966 1 4730834


Company Contacts
Department/ Name Address

Plant of UDI Dammam-Saudi Arabia, Tel+966-3-82121217, Fax+966-3-82121214
Company Figures
Number of employees 100-499
Sales volume 1-9 Mio US $
Export content max. 25%
Year of foundation 1994
Area of business Laboratory Equipment


Company Profile

UDI story of success …
(UDI) invested its strong vision of to be one of the most enhancing factors that enabled this Saudi firm to jump to the first ranks among the other diagnostic industry firms.

Although this project started 1994, yet to say it had done a lot on the track to be unique with the tangible results that had been achieved lately.

UDI had benefited of the fact that it is an industrial division of a pioneer medical company in Saudi Arabia, AL-Mouwasat Medical Services Company that does run so diverse and successful health care business in the Kingdom since 35 years.

Five Hospitals and other three primary healthcare facilities across Saudi Arabia belong to this company in addition to other facilities in the field of medical works, the mother company is of 2500 employees with 400 Million $ turnover yearly.

The project was intending to target an interesting share of the market in the Middle East but could lately proved to be also successful to get shares out side this area reaching to other markets in Africa, Asia and Europe as well. The high standards in production and Quality Control in addition to the other efficient marketing plans, allowed obtaining such important results recently. Currently more than 25 distributors are forming the network of UDI export activities.

UDI can be classified as the only reagents manufacturer in the region that does market in addition to its reagents, Capital Equipment likes the automated clinical chemistry analyzers that holds UDI logo and use its innovated liquid stable reagents, this plan enables to be matching with customers expectations and needs in the area, as some significant factors like prices and logistic factors act very strongly to determine the winners list in the market.

Being successful in expanding continuously the product list starting from the manual type of clinical chemistry reagents to the automated level, enabled UDI to track other reagents for brand name manufacturers of instruments in the same field, thus UDI prepared applicable reagents for Chiron, Roche and Bayer Instruments.

For Blood cell counters UDI had successfully provide his customers with their own needs of reagents on very competitive prices and quick supply service that made it easier to get such products from the same area with shortest waiting time this was a real solution to the chronic suffering due to long waiting process of those customers, as those were reagents to by sea shipped from long distance to the area. Currently, this problem had been solved totally due to the fact of logistic factor that Saudi Arabia has in the area.

In addition UDI had started industrial cooperation with International firms to
Manufacture serology and bacteriology kits at UDI plant and to market those mutual products in the region under joint venture formula that builds strong shape of strategic allies practice.

UDI is certified as ISO 9001:2000 for research, developments, manufacturing, supply and maintenance of analyzers since 2001. UDI is as well approved since 2002 as CAP survey member for external quality control program. In year 2004 UDI had been accredited for CE of IVD device.