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Universität Tübingen projekt CARE-MAN
Integration of potentials in nanotechnology and information technology is an urgent objective in the economy of Europe, aiming at the transition towards a knowledge-based society and sustainable development. Accordingly, support of e-health by development of new diagnosis equipment for healthcare based on biosensing with integrated data pre-treatment and networking capabilities is intended by the joint call IST-NMP-2 in the Sixth Framework Programme and considered within eEurope2002 Action Plan Health .

The achievement of the objectives of the Integrated project CARE-MAN , based on the joint call between IST and NMP priorities in FP6, will provide significant benefits to the effectiveness of the European healthcare in general as well as to large segments of the European population profiting from the knowledge generated within the project because of its focus on major diseases prevailing in European societies. As these diseases are closely linked to the issue of the ageing European population, CARE-MAN will contribute to meet this major societal challenge.

At present, diagnostics at hospitals is based either on large-scale automated equipment or ELISA techniques based on bioassays which are not suitable for bedside and emergency medicine.

To overcome these restrictions, the Integrated Project CARE-MAN has first a long-term objective as the development of new medical instruments being an intelligent diagnosis equipment for healthcare, representing a development for the future and the potential of down-scaling for the use in general practices, and second the vision to provide a new automated, self-controlled equipment for patient homecare, either in case of post-operative checks or for permanent surveillance in case of chronic diseases.

CARE-MAN will provide a validated, intelligent, fully automated diagnostic device with a modular technological system based on biosensor technology, combining successful transduction principles, biochemical recognition methods and communication capabilities to allow a multi parameter measurement characterising diseases defined by doctors and needs in hospitals, like cardiovascular disease, coagulation disorders, chronic/acute inflammation, cancer, thyroid disorders. The integration of e-Health capabilities is achieved through networking functions and interfaces to current and future medical data systems.