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Barry Henderson- Business Liaison Executive University of Ulster
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Research and Innovation in Life and Health Sciences
Contract and Collaborative Research

The University of Ulster’s Research Institutes and Centres of Excellence comprise of high calibre research staff supported by highly qualified technical support staff and doctoral and postdoctoral research staff from a wide variety of disciplines.

These include:

Research Institutes:-

o Biomedical Sciences
o Nanotechnology & Advanced Materials
o Nursing
o Health & Rehabilitation Sciences

Centres of Excellence:-

o Centre for Functional Genomics
o Nanotec Northern Ireland
o Centre for Molecular Biosciences


1. Projects in Pre Proof of Concept Stage:

o Protein Inhibitor Concentrates for Prevention of Cancer cells and Tumour Proliferation
o Production of Glutathione Esters for Nutraceutical applications.
o Lowering of blood pressure by a commonly known food ingredient.
o Biomarkers for diabetes
o Fungal Extracts for Cancer treatment
o Development of food additives as a treatment for cancer.

2. Projects in Proof of Concept Stage:

o Rapid, Chemical-Free Self Sterilizing Optometry Devices (Tonometer Heads)
o Wound Mapping System
o A diagnostic assay for dry eye disease
o A diagnostic assay for Herpes Simplex keratitis disease
o A diagnostic test for azoospermia (male infertility).
o Diamond Like Carbon For Medical Devices
o Dielectric Barrier Discharge

3. Patents

o Drug Delivery (Ultrasound Permeation)
o Biosorption System
o Wound Mapping System
o Diamond Like Carbon For medical devices
o Azoospermia (male infertility) diagnostic
o Tube Monitoring System/Smart Tubing for enteral feeding
o Electrical Wound Healing
o Enhanced Glutathione Delivery
o Therapeutic treatment of neurodegenerative disease
o Anti-TNF Rheumatoid Arthritis Drug Response Screening System
o Breast Cancer Biomarker