VACUFLEX GmbH, Kunststoffschläuche

Hessenring 8-12
64546 Mörfelden-Walldorf

Phone: +49 6105 9339-0
Fax: +49 6105 9339-60


Company Profile

About us
VACUFLEX GmbH is an independent member of the Schauenburg Hose Technology Group and a specialist in manufacturing of hoses and hose assemblies, made of elastomers and thermoplastic materials.

Highly flexible and reinforced plastic hoses from 8 – 500 mm ins. diam. have been produced for the last five decades. We offer the complete solution to your hose and coupling requirements for all fields of application:

Domestic Appliances
Air Conditioning Appliances
Machinery and Equipment
A diversified product range including specific customer developments is available in a wide variety of materials and colours.

Loose couplings and moulded end fittings are available and can be specifically designed to customer requirements.

Development, production and final products are subject to strict quality assurance standards like:

pre-production test series
control checks during manufacturing process and
final test and control procedures, i. e. acc. to DIN, VACUFLEX and customers` standards.
Through many years of experience and with our continued commitment to research and development we have become the “partner” of many major companies in an ever discerning market.