VALMEX Photographische Produkte GmbH

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Geschäftsführer: Dipl.Ing. H. Müller-Rech Partnachweg 1, D-86165 Augsburg, Telefon (08 21) 71 96 03, Telefax (08 21) 71 98 49
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VALMEX Photographische Produkte GmbH
Welcome to valmex® valmex® GmbH is an independent manufacturer and dealer of photographic products for the field of radiology. The company’s activities revolve around the development, enhancement and supply of top-quality system solutions for the field of radiological diagnostics.

High-grade products for radiological applications:

x-ray Films
Intensifying Screens

valmex® system solutions for the field of radiological diagnostics:

Image quality is the decisive criterion when it comes to reliable and unequivocal diagnosis. The valmex® x-ray films are predestined for exposure with valmex® intensifying screens. And when processed using valmex® chemicals, the result is an optimum contrast combined with an agreeable image shading. Radiation hygiene is more important than ever before! Although valmex® file/screen systems are available with varying sensitivity, each one permits imaging at the lowest possible radiation exposure for patient and personnel as a function of the diagnostic problem. The load on the x-ray tube is reduced to the necessary minimum, thus prolonging its service life.

valmex® products are only available from authorised dealers. Contact us for
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