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Marketing manager/ KHUSAINOVA Aida Tel: 7-383-332-81-34, Fax: 7-383-332-67-49
Company Figures
Number of employees 500-999
Sales volume 50-99 Mio US $
Export content max. 10%
Year of foundation 1992
Area of business Diagnostics

Company Profile

About Us
At the end of the 80ies, in connection with emergence and spread of HIV-infection on the territory of the USSR, the country’s government made a decision on establishing enterprises for development and manufacture of diagnostic kits for AIDS diagnostics.

One of the enterprises of the kind was a workshop for production of diagnostic means set up in January 1989 at the Scientific and Production Association “Vector” (from 1994 State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology) in Koltsovo, Novosibirsk region. The workshop was housed in a few small rooms and included 30 employees. Many of them had an experience of scientific, technologic and production activities in the field of development and manufacture of diagnostic means. The first product was an immunoenzyme diagnostic kit manufactured to a State order

In1991 a lease subdivision was organized on the basis of the workshop. In 1992 the lease work group was transformed into the Joint Stock Company “VECTOR-BEST” having a staff of 70 employees, 4 items of products in the catalogue and the production volume of 5 thousand immunoenzyme diagnostic kits per month. In the subsequent years, due to the inclusion of research subdivisions into the company’s structure, the range of the manufactured products became much wider. On a level with immunoenzyme diagnostic kits, kits for disease diagnostics with PCR method were developed. The year 1996 saw the start of production of a reagent kit for clinical biochemistry adapted practically to any photometric equipment, including automatic biochemical analyzers.
JSC “VECTOR-BEST” is a regular participant of large Russian medical exhibitions.

The company’s activities have been marked with a number of rewards and prizes

Thecompany’s leading specialists organize training higher and medium medical personnel of public health institutions in the methods of work with immunoenzyme diagnostic means at annual courses for qualification improvement conducted by the Novosibirsk Medical Academy and Research Institute of Therapy Siberian Branch RAMS

Some forms of work with Russian medical institutions such as organization of regional seminars where the company’s specialists render scientific and methodological aid to the consumers of the company’s products have become regular. Training doctors and laboratory assistants in the methods of immunoenzyme PCR- diagnostics is organized regularly on the basis of the enterprise.

The agencies and a wide net of regional distributors allow prompt delivery of the company’s diagnostic products practically to any area of Russia and the FSU states. The consumer gets the products from the representations at the manufacturer’s prices. The delivery is usually performed by plane.

The availability of a powerful own research base and a united body of high-skilled specialists as well as close cooperation with a great number of Russian and foreign companies and medical research organizations (including Russia’s largest scientific Center of Virology and Biotechnology “Vector”) allows JSC “VECTOR-BEST” to take one of the leading position among Russian manufacturers of diagnostic products and to look into the future with confidence.

“VECTOR-BEST” is constantly working at improvement of already produced diagnostic kits taking into account the consumers’ wishes and proposals. Research and new developments in the field of disease diagnostics, regular analysis of the medical products market and permanent close contact with consumers of diagnostic products help timely determination of new trends and needs of public health. All this is a prerequisite for success and stability of our company.

Over the years of its activities the company has never changed its primary objective – scientific development and industrial output of high-quality diagnostic products. It is in this direction that the body of JSC “VECTOR-BEST” goes on working actively.

JSC “VECTOR-BEST” has all licenses from the Ministry of Public Health of RF and permits from other controlling organs required for work in the field of laboratory diagnostics. Production of diagnostic kits was certified at the Tarasevich State Institute of Standardization and Control of Medical Immunobiological Preparations, RF Ministry of Public Health. The kits for clinical biochemistry were certified at the State Research Institute of Standardization and Control of Medicinal Means, RF Ministry of Public Health. The diagnostic kits are offered to the consumer of any level only after a thorough check.