Vega Technologies, Inc

11F-13, 100 Chang-chun Rd.
104 Taipei

Phone: +886 769 87080999
Fax: +886 769 87080209


Company Figures
Number of employees 500-999
Sales volume 10-49 Mio US $
Export content > 75%
Year of foundation 1997
Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

Company Profile

About us
The demand of nebulizer is getting more and more as a result of the increasing numbers of patients with asthma or other chronic respiratory ailments. Besides, medical researches have proved that medications taken by inhalation give the most efficient treatment yet with the least side effect. And many more new inhaling medications are being developed for diseases such as diabetes & flu.

Realizing all these factors, Vega Technologies Inc. was founded in 1997 for developing & manufacturing high quality ultrasonic nebulizers. Unlike the outdated and noisy compressor nebulizers, the VEGA Ultrasonic nebulizers provide quiet, fast and portable operation with optimal paricle size. With its excellent quality and price, VEGA has become the world’s leading supplier of ultrasonic nebulizers.