Veslatec Oy

Strömberg Park 4
65320 Vaasa Finland

Phone: +358 40 541-5062
Fax: +358 6 315-2877 Company Profile

Veslatec Oy
Our business activity started with one 500W Nd:YAG laser in 1989. The business idea was based on fine mechanics using lasers for cutting, drilling and welding. By applying the capabilities of Nd:YAG-lasers, Veslatec has successfully worked over 10 years together with instrument and medical industry in Finland and abroad. The production of laser cut ink blade for offset printing machines began in 1994.


Veslatec Oy and Tarkmet Oy have joint forces. The benefits of combining these two companies into one operational entity are wider range of customer service and improved product quality.

Tarkmet’s key role is laser manufacturing and machining services, while Veslatec focuses on sales, marketing and product development.

Our turnover is 4 MEUR of which the direct export is 25 %. We have sertified quality system according to ISO 9000 to ensure laser and machining progresses and quality. We offer the following services: Precision machining, cutting (metals, ceramic and semi-conductors), fine welding, fast drilling and assembling.

We have wide partnership network for special services and research activities.

Our business idea is still based on precision machining of different kinds of materials and on laser technology. We will continuously develop our production, processes and partnership network with high intensity.