Viramed Biotech AG

Behringstr. 11
82152 Planegg

Phone: +49 89 899336
Fax: +49 89 8599949


Company Figures
Year of foundation 1983
Area of business Diagnostics

Company Profile

About Us
In 1983 VIRAMED was founded in Planegg near Munich in South Germany`s most important biotechnology region.

The company`s mission is the transformation of actual scientific knowledge to innovative test systems for the medical market. Following this aim, VIRAMED constantly introduced new in-vitro diagnostic test systems for the professional use in medical laboratories and hospitals. The company`s business fields are:

Development, production and marketing of proprietary assays for the diagnosis of infectious and autoimmune diseases with focus on immunoblot and immunostripe techniques.
Protein isolation and purification providing antigens for research and production purposes.
Custom development, custom and OEM production.
VIRAMED provides full customer service with a group of highly qualified sales managers in Germany and international with competent expert distributors.