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Andrea Parr Telefon:+49-228-91937-0, Fax: +49-228-91937-23
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Number of employees 1-19
Year of foundation 1894
Area of business Services and Publications

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VVA Health Marketing – Complete service from one source
By “Health Marketing”, we mean the answer to a radically changing health-care sector in which competition is increasing and medical services are increasingly offered by private health-care providers. More and more, health-care companies have to cater to patients that are also customers – customers who are willing to pay for good services.

This is where the concept of VVA Health Marketing comes in. For
our customers, we develop complete marketing concepts for
presenting products and services to specific customer segments.
All of our services – including concepts, editorial and graphic
services, printing production and Internet and film projects – are
provided by one source. Needless to say, we also handle such
matters as printing and mailing or developing special systems
for enhancing loyalty of specific customer segments.

VVA Health Marketing draws on the services of a wide network of
professional experts from the health-care sector. Our customers
like to know this – and like to be able to forget about the details.
Therefore, whether the service involves an image brochure, flyer,
customer magazine, company portrait, press release, special event,
Internet presence or an e-mail newsletter: in each case, a single
contact person, with his or her hand on all aspects of the project,
ensures that everything runs smoothly.