Weightec Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Shaling Industrial Park, Xiakou District, Dongcheng
523117 Dongguan City, Guangdong
China (Rep.)

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Company Profile

About us
Wisefame International Limited is middle-scale Taiwan investment enterprise, established in 1993, our company has successfully multi-combined with designing, molds developing, SMT, plastic injection, assembling and manufacturing, step into a professional ODM electronic manufacturer, which steering clear of computer market with meager profit and became a consuming electronic products manufacturer consequently. With its good quality and full function, the equipments have become one of the leading popular consumer goods in US and Japan market.

  In recent years, our company’s scope has developed rapidly.

(1).We have established six branches in Dongguan city, the famous manufacturing place. The six branches are as follows:
  Wisefam Plastic Electronic Factory, Weiyuan Plastic Electronic Factory, WeighTec Electronic Technology Co,Ltd., WeighTec Handbag Factory, Longtong Plastic & Metal Factory and Shang An Hong Sports Apparatu Factory.
(2).We have set up Weifu Trade Corporation in Shenzhen.
(3).We have prepared for the establishment of Jiangsu branch and Zhangjiagang branch.

  Our company are developing forward to group integration, at present, we are promoting the internal business and stock exchange listing.

  We have many well-trained researchers and technicians who being engaged in the new products’ promotion. In recent years, we have also developed a series of health massage equipments, sport appliances and optical and electronic products. Besides we have got the title of certificates including UL, CE, 3C and other design patents. Because of speciality and excellent quality, our products are well sold to USA, Japan, Canada countries and areas, and our sales market will become wider and wider in future.