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Gut Boisdorf 8
52355 Düren

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Customer Service Weyergans High Care AG, An Gut Boisdorf, 52355 Düren

Export-Department Weyergans High Care AG, An Gut Boisdorf, D- 52355 Dueren, Germany

Marketing Weyergans High Care AG, An Gut Boisdorf, 52355 Düren

MPG-Berater Herbert Schmidt

Public Relation / Press Contact Dr. Rudolf Weyergans

Weyergans High Care AG Weyergans High Care AG, An Gut Boisdorf, 52355 Düren
Company Figures
Number of employees 50-99
Sales volume 1-9 Mio US $
Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

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Welcome to Weyergans future health!
We are glad you are interested in getting to know us and our innovative medical-cosmetic products. You will see it’s worth it. For your customers and for yourself.

There has hardly been a time in history when self-esteem was so determined by appearance as it is today. More and more people are prepared to help things along where their own beauty is concerned. In the future there will be more and more elderly people who want to stay healthy as long as possible while at the same time retaining a youthful appearance. As the name already indicates, WEYERGANS future health has taken on the task of meeting the needs of these people in this very sensitive and personal area as best it can. With patented medical-technical and high-quality cosmetic solutions which have been scientifically tested and have shown astonishing results worldwide.

In particular our expertise in the treatment of cellulite has brought us national and international acclaim. That is actually not surprising, as hardly anyone has dealt so intensively with this widespread phenomenon as Rudolf Weyergans – medical-sociologist, company founder and sensitive author. His years of commitment to analysis, research and development have paid off. For nowadays it is possible to treat cellulite – which affects 80% of all women and increasingly more men – demonstrably and successfully! With DCT, the “Differentiated Cellulite Treatment” from WEYERGANS. This modular treatment concept is based on four actions: stimulation of lymph flow, activation of metabolism, firming of connective tissue and vessel training. The necessary appliances and preparations from WEYERGANS High Care are used mainly by cosmetic studios, doctors’ practices and wellness centres. And perhaps soon by you?

In addition to appliances and preparations for DCT the holistic WEYERGANS High Care programme also includes products and treatments for care of the face and body. For after all the users should experience an all-round sense of well-being.