Wireless Patient Recording Medical AS

Agder Kunnskapspark, Longum Agderparken
4839 Arendal
P.O. Box 737
4808 Arendal

Phone: +43 90 6811-92
Fax: +43 37035677


Company Contacts
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CEO- Ole Andreas Sandberg oas@wprmedical.com
Company Figures
Number of employees 1-19
Sales volume < 1 Mio US $ Year of foundation 2004 Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology Diagnostics Communication and Information Technology Company Profile Wireless Patient Recording Medical AS Our vision: «We will push the boundaries of conventional thinking and challenge established beliefs with new technology.» Our mission: We will develop systems for physiological monitoring using wireless transmission technology leading to faster, simpler and more cost-effective treatment that allows patients to maintain a normal and active daily life. Company History The idea was conceived in 2000 by Norwegian trauma medicine specialist Einar Gunnarson, Senior Supervisor Medtec, Rune Fensli and biomedical/technical expertise. Development has been ongoing from WPR Medical was founded in 2003. 2003: A prototype of the ECG sensor was developed, demonstrating the wireless design principles. 2004-05: A new and improved sensor and receiver was developed, and lab-tested. 2006-07: Clinical trials on patients undergoing “Holter recorder” arrhythmia investigation. 2007: Industrialization of the concept in a modern design. Clinical trials have successfully been carried out according to a defined research protocol, supported by the Research Council of Norway. The new sensor and receiver have been developed, prototypes have been constructed and the equipment has been tested according to international standards and to conform to CE. Arendal, Norway is an ideal location for developing new medical technology. We have our own cardiology department with a highly specialized medical staff at the SSA hospital and an extensive electronic industry as well as Agder University as close partners.