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No other enterprise with the same focus is looking back to such a long period of activity. Since the foundation in 1959, WISAP has been developing Endoscopic appliances and instruments in close co-operation with the users.

The customer’s requirements for high-quality products and easy manipulation combined with highest safety to the patient accompanies each of our developments from the beginning. Moreover, WISAP-products are worldwide known for their proverbial durability.

It is not seldom that devices are sent to us for service, which have been used by our customers for more than 30 years to their entire satisfaction.

Our uncompromising attitude towards quality and easy manipulation ensures that our customers will further combine the name WISAP with extremely long-lasting, innovative products.

Our company history started more than 40 years ago with development and series production of an Universal CO2-Pertubation-Unit acc. to FIKENTSCHER and SEMM for testing the tubal passage. In 1963, development of the first CO2-insufflator world-
wide for controlled build-up of a pneumoperitoneum took place in our facility; controlled CO2-insufflation and the “Quadro-Test” are linked with the name WISAP.

These devices have been manufactured and supplied in different versions, also to private-label partners. Up to now, more than 70.000 appliances have been produced, and further development of these devices is still going on.

Further developments like the conical trocar in conjunction with the Z-puncture technique, as well as creation of complete instrument lines for a variety of operations were the logical consequence aiming at the enlargement of therapeutical Endoscopy. Special working lengths for endoscopes have been developed and produced with the valuable support of surgeons.

In the following years, developments like the AQUA-PURATOR for aspiration and irrigation of the abdominal cavity in Laparoscopy/Pelviscopy with numerous additional devices came into existence. A large step constituted the ENDO-COAGULATOR acc. to Semm. This unit with different instruments allows for the surgeon to coagulate without high-frequency and coagulation temperatures up to 100°C, whereby accidents could be avoided for the benefit of the patient. Also this series of low-current coagulators have found a ready market in all worldwide countries.

Surgeons, engineers, master craftsmen and expert personnel contribute to our ambitions to always provide our medical profession with innovative devices and instruments, which also set examples for the developments of other manufacturers. Thanks to the wealth of ideas by emer. Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h. c. mult. Kurt Semm, we were able to develop and produce OR-instruments being unique world-wide, not to forget the morcellators for CISH, TUMA, IVH etc. This is the beginning of a new operation technique, which will further be developed.

We would like to thank all our customers for the confidence placed in us during the past decades and are looking forward to a further fruitful, positive cooperation.

Our international, well-trained representatives will be of assistance to you anytime. Please get in touch with your local dealer for current literature on WISAP-innovations or contact us directly.