Wonjin Mulsan Co., Ltd.

Namdong Industrial Complex 10B-7LT Namdonggongdan, 623-6, Namchon-dong,
405-846 Incheon
Korea (Rep.)

Phone: +82 32 8160552
Fax: +82 32 8160557


Company Profile

At Wonjin, providing value to our customers is our highest priority. Our goal is to satisfy customers, based on our sincerity, trust and credibility. Just as “he who is ready can create a new legend,” Wonjin Corporation has utilized our years of expertise to develop a Compressible Limb Therapy System, making a legendary success for people’s health. This product is easy and convenient to use for everyone. To cultivate our competitive power domestically and internationally, we develop products, design and process technology and innovate in the area of product quality, thus opening up new markets. In addition, we are trying to establish a footing in industries related to health / medical equipment, rehabilitation and physical therapy, while we continuously expand our business areas.

Wonjin Corporation will continually work to build our credibility, based on new technology and quality innovation to reward our customers’ support, and will provide perfect services for our customers based on a reasonable warranty policy. Furthermore, we are making efforts to rapidly adapt to the changing market situation through constant research and development.