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More than ten in the last yearses of the HUA in Wuhan City big laser equipments limited company concentrate on the laser machine electricity integral whole to turn the system development, is a high new technique business enterprise of the diversification that the ·
Chinese light, valley in Wuhan applies the aspect to have the achievements in the energy photoelectron.The business enterprise owns own think factory;Own the profession is engaged in the laser technique research, experienced expert, professor to have another, and have the close cooperation
with related university and science graduate school。
  Relate to;Own the photoelectron technique storage and the perfect craft quality control systems of leads, the laser that it research to manufacture cures to get numerous approbation and the good opinions that faces the 构 in a medical treatment with the equipments.The business enterprise grasps the principle of management of multiply by” make people the center, customer on, the quantity first, science and technology innovation”, taking aim at the last word of the laser science and technology realm of world, keeping to have the high specification, the development of the applied system of the high sex price, provide the high-quality product for the customer with all sincerity, and extensive with the cooperation that the abroad goes together to launch the technique and the management realm.