Xinle Huabao Plastic Packing Co., Ltd.

Cheng’anpu, Xinle
050701 Xinle, Hebei
China (Rep.)

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Hao Chaohui
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About Xinle HuaBao Plastic Film Co
Xinle HuaBao Plastic Film Co.,xxxxx internationaladvanced production lines,by virtue of new technology and super technique of production ,deals with the exploitation,research and production of various plastic film.S o our company is a professional factory that produces high grade PEBA ventilating film and tri-layer co-extruded PE punching base material film at domestic. For many years, our company dare to be the first ,is brave to explore, seeks the excellence and consummate itself constantly in the field of plastic film ,takes certain reputation at domestic and abroad .The love. comfort and gentlenesss are the gifts we dedicate to the human race ,the perfect refinement and high efficiency are the pursuits that we seek ceaselessly .