Xodus Medical, Inc.

702 Prominence Drive
15068 New Kensington, PA

Phone: +1 724 3375500
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Company Contacts
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International Sales/ Craig Kaforey 702 Prominence Drive, New Kensington, PA 15068

International Sales/Michael Park 702 Prominence Drive, New Kensington, PA 15068
Company Figures
Year of foundation 1993
Area of business Commodities and Consumer Goods for Surgeries and Hospitals

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Achieving Safety Solutions
Xodus Medical was founded in 1994 and specializes in the manufacturing of quality safety products for the Healthcare industry. We are committed to producing the best quality products available on the market today and well into the future. Xodus Medical continually seeks ways to manufacture more efficiently to keep overhead low and more importantly help us to stay focused on our strengths, product development, marketing and sales disciplines. Xodus products go through rigorous testing to ensure their quality and serviceability.

For more than 14 years, Xodus has been manufacturing and supplying a variety of safety products to the healthcare industry. Our decision to market surgical safety products stems from our expertise in this market and the ever increasing industry focus on patient & hospital staff safety. Xodus Medical remains at the forefront of the industry by routinely consulting with key healthcare professionals that provide insight into the development and implementation of safety products that benefit both the facility and patients that they serve.

After 14 years of successful growth and product/brand recognition, Xodus Medical is often looked to as a leader in product development. Xodus Medical is “Achieving Safety Solutions”™.

The principals, Craig & Mark Kaforey created Xodus Medical and continue to manage its day to day activities. Coupled with talented management and loyal employees, Xodus is able to develop and grow at better than industry standards. Since its conception, Xodus Medical continues to experience double-digit growth.

At the Center of the company’s success is the commitment to quality products, aggressive promotion and superior customer service. All in an environment and spirit that allows everyone that Xodus interacts with to also grow and prosper.

Xodus Medical International:

In 1999, Xodus developed an international business plan to introduce our line of safety products to the European Community. Xodus pursued CE Mark registration in 1999 which was completed it in 2000 enabling Xodus products to be sold freely throughout the European Community.

In the past 6 years Xodus developed and continues to foster business relationships with medical distributors around the world. All of our international distributors are experiencing double-digit growth with our products.

Xodus’ International Department has grown both in staff and in profitability. Currently, Xodus is registered and exports to 25 countries with plans to significantly increase our global presence as we move forward. Xodus Medicals International Department continues to aggressively seek distribution opportunities for our products around the world.

Sterile Medication Labels
Electrosurgical Devices
Suture Needle Counters
Surgical Light Handle Covers
Surgical Instrument Transfer Drapes
Single Use and Reusable Patient Positioning Products
Sponge Counting Bags
Surgical Skin Markers
Cautery Tip Cleaners
Fetal Monitoring Straps
Anti-Fog Solution
Tube Holders
Arthroscopic Shoulder Suspension Kit
Operating Room Set-up Kits