Yuyama Co., Ltd.

3-3-1 Meishinguchi, Toyonaka
561-0841 Osaka

Phone: +81 66332 2538
Company Figures
Number of employees 500-999
Sales volume 100-199 Mio US $
Export content max. 10%
Year of foundation 1964

Company Profile

About us

We are always a leader in the history of medication packing machine ever since we established our company.
“Pursuing the originality” is our consistent policy of product development which succeeded up till today. For example, the powder packing machine which is now indispensable for prescription. We rapidly developed original mechanism like “Slide Type” divider and “Rotary Disk” divider from the establishment of our company in 1964. These products became the market’s standard as soon after these were released. Ever since, we have been leading this market and recognized as “history of packing machine is history of Yuyama”

High quality products from High morals.
In production, we have been considering improving morals of our staff to produce stabled high quality products more than anything else. It’s process is to shaking out from a mind of building a parts and let them recognize the roll of each staff in a whole production. And let them proud themselves by involving in a noble medical treatment though the products. Each individual’s consciousness is the back bone of high quality production.

Unstable medication field, an aging society, change of medical institution.
Today, the scene of medication field is tottering from the bottom by arrival of aging society. Even in such sudden change there is one thing which never changes and becoming more highlighted. That is a promotion of medical treatment service on patient standing point. We have been advocating human hospitality and supporting medical institution with human touch through medical equipment. For example, Pharmacy support system “YUNICOM” contributes to informed consent and unload the burden of medical field. Our sales department is the one which sensing the needs of era. We have been reflecting such customer’s opinion to our products.