Zhejiang U-Real Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

No. 671 Daqiao Road, Huangyan
318020 Zhejiang
China (Rep.)

Phone: +86 576 8403-6389
Fax: +86 576 8403-6366
Company Profile

Zhejiang U-Real Medical Technology Co.Ltd
Corporate Brand or Trade Name/Mark:U-Real Industries:Medicine & Healthcare equipment and devices Legal representative:Huibin Shi

Zhejiang U-Real Medical Technology Co.,Ltd. is an integrated enterprise, comprising of scientific Research and Development, Production, Marketing, and Customer Service, based in Zhejiang province in China. Its principle product is Evacuated Blood Collection Tubes.

As a vigorous high-tech organisation, the company’s primary concern is to develop and manufacture high quality products.This has been achieved by collaborating with experts worldwide and benefiting from their knowledge, ideas, and experience.The result of this is that the performance of our Evacuated Blood Collection Tubes is at the same standard as some of the best brands in the world.U-Real has recently purchased and commissioned a state-of-the-art production facility, which is capable of producing in excess of 100 million tubes per annum.

All processes have been validated as per FDA guidelines; and where applicable, the products are manufactured according to NCCLS standards.

Our mission is to produce a product, which is recognised for its superior quality. This will benefit health professionals and their patients significantly, both in China and abroad.