7 Layer S

Borgigstr. 11
40880 Ratingen

Phone: +49 2102 74-90

Company Figures
Number of employees 100-499
Year of foundation 1999
Area of business Communication and Information Technology

Company Profile

7 layers
7 layers Germany is located in Ratingen, near Düsseldorf. It is a test and service centre for the wireless communications industry that can be consulted with all questions concerning technology and product development, test procedures and customized test solutions as well as global qualification. 7 layers Germany is part of the 7 layers “Rapid Response Network”, thus making use of the complete facilities of the 7 layers group.

The 7 layers Group

7 layers is a telecommunications service company, supporting every phase in the lifecycle of new technologies and products. 7 layers provides the necessary expertise, solutions and resources for testing, analysis and qualification of wireless communications products and services.

7 layers was founded 1999 in Ratingen (Germany). Since then further 7 layers enterprises have been set up in Irvine (USA), Beijing (China), Seoul (South Korea), Taipei (Taiwan) and Yokohama (Japan). They get additional support from our agencies in Paris (Japan) and Tel-Aviv (Israel).

Our services include

technology and product development support
provision of in-house test solutions based on InterLab
testing, validation, certification and further global market access services
Our clients are

manufacturers of chip-sets, protocol stacks and reference designs
manufacturers of modules, terminals and end-user products (OEM, ODM)
network operators and service providers
measurement and test equipment manufacturers
The 7 layers test laboratories – connected to a global Rapid Response Network

7 layers operates accredited laboratories with a large portfolio of modern test equipment from various manufacturers. Thanks to the integration into the 7 layers global knowledge network, every site is a centre of expertise for conformity and interoperability testing.

Large-scale test projects with tight deadlines are managed within our Rapid Response Network. It connects the 7 layers test and service centers into a global virtual platform for the simultaneous testing of customer projects. Integrated IT systems ensure seamless information transfer between the various sites. Due to a newly established real-time web-access it is possible for our clients to follow and manage their test projects comfortably via Internet.

Our technology experts – ready to support you

If problems occur during testing, clients benefit from the support of our technology experts, who combine detailed knowledge of test specifications and test cases with a deep understanding of a wide range of test systems from various manufacturers. Using their experience eases complex analysis and debugging processes and speeds up time to market.

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