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Company Profile

ABMI was founded in Lausanne, Switzerland, on January 30, 2003, by Dr. Claudio Lucchesi and Prof. Giovanni Dietler in the wake of their collaboration in the 1999-2002 Lausanne-Geneva biomedical research project, and by Fabienne Lucchesi, a successful IT entrepreneur.

The academic research that led to our founding was aimed at improving neuroprotection during cardiac and carotid surgeries; Funding was shared by the University of Lausanne, the University of Geneva, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, and the University hospitals in Lausanne (CHUV) and Geneva (HUG), while the project was guided by Dr. G. Devuyst, Dr. P. Ruchat, and Prof. J. Bogousslavsky (CHUV), among others.

ABMI has in-licensed software produced by this research collaboration as well as an in-vitro cerebral blood flow simulator, and continues to work closely with the participating institutions, in particular with the Neurology Service of Prof. Bogousslavsky, CHUV, whose team continues to contribute to the development of ABMI’s family of products.

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