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AccuVein LLC
When it comes to starting an IV line, every second counts. Establishing an IV line is critical and the skill requires practice to perfect.

Blood draw is used for laboratory tests. These test results can impact more than 70% of healthcare decisions.

The AccuVein AV-300 highlights the position of veins on the surface of the skin, aiding caregivers in locating hard-to-find veins and enabling them to start IV lines quickly.

Gaining access to veins enables the delivery of medication and/or essential fluids to patients. Venipuncture is the most common medical procedure with 2.7 million attempted in the U.S. every day.

AccuVein AV-300 is the first vein illumination device that is both portable and non-contact, simplifying venipuncture procedures to improve speed, comfort and cost to care.

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