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1300 Island Drive Suite 202
94065 Redwood City, California

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AeroScout EMEA Pegasus Park, Pegasuslaan 5, B-1831 Diegem, Belgium, Tel: +32 (2) 709 29 49, Fax: +32 (2) 791 902

AeroScout Japan Co., Ltd. Mizuman Bldg 3F, 2-3-21 Kudan Minami, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, Japan, 102-0074, Tel: +81 (3) 3556 9003, Fax: +81 (3) 3556 5370

AeroScout, Ltd. 3 Pekeris St., Einstein Entrance, 4th Floor, Rehovot, Israel 76702, Tel: +972 (8) 9369393

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AeroScout Inc.

AeroScout is the Industry’s Leading Provider of Unified Asset Visibility Solutions for Healthcare, Manufacturing, Logistics and Other Industries.
AeroScout is the market leader in Unified Asset Visibility (UAV). AeroScout solutions use Wi-Fi-based Active RFID, sensors, RTLS and other technologies to provide complete wireless asset tracking and monitoring. As a pioneer in the Wi-Fi RFID market, AeroScout’s solutions are used by hundreds of customers worldwide in healthcare, manufacturing, logistics and other industries to automate business processes and deliver context-aware applications. Our partnerships with Cisco Systems, Philips Medical Systems, AT&T and other leading technology and solution providers have brought AeroScout hardware and software to forefront of the rapidly expanding asset tracking marketplace.

AeroScout Unified Asset Visibility solutions utilize the power of Wi-Fi wireless networks to provide real business benefits through Real-Time Location (RTLS), Active RFID, sensors and telemetry. AeroScout uses standard Wi-Fi and other wireless networking standards to accurately track the real-time location and status of valuable assets such as equipment or people. By operating over popular wireless data communications standards, AeroScout’s solutions add minimal incremental cost to a communications network and enable a broad set of visibility applications. With AeroScout’s innovative MobileView software, customers turn visibility data into everyday decisions, to improve efficiency and ultimately drive a fast ROI.

Many top companies and organizations, such as Boeing, DHL, Freescale Semiconductor, City Link UK, and over 100 hospitals worldwide have deployed AeroScout’s Wi-Fi RFID technology. The company has been recognized for its innovative products by top publications, leading analysts and has received major industry awards.

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