Agora Laserapplications

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6161 AG Geleen

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Company Figures
Number of employees 1-19
Sales volume 1-9 Mio US $
Export content max. 50%
Year of foundation 1996
Area of business Components, Parts, Original Equipment Manufacturers

Manufacturing Equipment

Manufacturing Services

Printing / Bar Coding

Company Profile

About us
Since 1996 Agora aimed at realization of plastic parts and laser use on products of plastic and steel. This can be single moulded parts, but mostly complete assembled parts with plastic as main element, reach the end user via Agora.
From tool construction to final product, our customer only has one contact during the complete route. Does a part need a special treatment like e.g. painting, coating, marking, laser use, etc.; Agora takes care of the entire project.
The laser use in our own facility exist of laser marking, -ablation, -welding, -engraving and –cutting. We produce parts for the automotive-, electronics-, medical-, promotional- and office machine sector.

Because of our large experience within the plastics industry and the narrow cooperation with reliable partners we are able to serve you with good advice about the manufacturing of your product. From construction advice and determination of raw materials and if necessary additives to add. By keeping the complete project in one hand misunderstandings will not arise for our customers and the final result will be accomplished in a shorter time.
Treatment on products, plastic or steel, such as embellishment and decoration can be done in many ways. We have specialized ourselves to do this with laser technique.

Permanent LASERMARKS of functional inscriptions, from encode or text to logo’s or increased numbering, barcode or data matrix. On technical plastics, TPE’s, metals and other materials. If necessary by adding special additives.

Selective coating removal on medical wires and tubes through LASERABLATION. Day and night design of painted plastic parts, for interior components in cars ,mobile phones, displays, etc.

To connect two plastic parts through LASERWELDING what give following advantages. There is no mechanical or thermal influence on the work piece. Fast processing time and a much localized heat deposit give an excellent and reliable welding strength.

LASERCUTTING of medical wires and tubes.

In tools for e.g. moulding plastic parts we can make inscriptions, also on positions that are difficult to reach for conventional techniques, through LASERENGRAVING. So that your recycle marks, material indication or your own logo always is mentioned on your products.

Summarized at Agora you can:

Contract out your projects for plastic parts and we take care for your order from A to Z.
Let your plastic or metal products be treated by one of the above mentioned laser use possibilities.
Get a desired engraving in your tools.

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