Alfa Wassermann B.V.

Pompmolenlaan 24
3447 GK Woerden

Phone: +31 348 487300
Fax: +31 348 433000


Company Contacts
Department/ Name Address

P. Visser Tel: 31-348-487-300

Company Figures
Year of foundation 1960
Area of business Laboratory Equipment


Company Profile

Alfa Wassermann INC, History
Under one name or another, Alfa Wassermann INC has provided high quality products and services to the health care community since 1960. Our parent company, the Alfa Wassermann Group, headquartered in Bologna, Italy, has held a leadership position in the Italian pharmaceutical industry since the 1940’s.

Alfa Wassermann INC presently provides reliable and fully integrated clinical chemistry systems (ACE Alera, ACE, NExCT™, VetEx and VetACE) to laboratories in the clinical diagnostic and veterinary marketplace as well as the life sciences market.

Alfa Wassermann INC is also a leader in separations technology with a line of ultracentrifuges (ENI Model KII Ultracentrifuge, SmartSystem Production Scale KII and Pilot Scale KII) employed for commercial production of vaccines and other research applications.

Our affiliate company, Alfa Wassermann B.V., is located in Woerden, NL, and is responsible for international sales through a large distribution network.

Our combined rich experience and commitment to the highest levels of quality in the products and services we offer positions us for continued success in meeting and exceeding customer needs. As for the future, you can rest assured that we will be bringing you product innovations and unparalleled service for decades to come.

Alfa Wassermann – a total quality healthcare provider serving the global marketplace

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