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Company Profile

Who we are…
ALIFAX S.p.A. was incorporated in 1988 as a privately owned company with many years of experience in the diagnostic market operating in the biotechnology field with a diagnostic line, laboratory equipment and disposable. Recognizing the need for innovation and development in the diagnostic health care and industry, Alifax enjoys a collaborative interaction with authoritative academic scientists, who enable the company to collect the most important national and international scientific publications on the evaluations of its products.

ALIFAX, or by extension, ALIFAX GROUP is constituted by Alifax (Marketing & Sales), Sire Analytical Systems (Production) and AXT-Alifax Technology (R&D).
ALIFAX main office is in Padova, Italy, close to Venice. The company is formed by 47 employees and 50 salesmen covering the entire Italian territory through a capillary network.
Alifax obtains a considerable consent among public hospitals, private customers and authorative academic scientists in the medical diagnostic field. Both sales force and management have many years of experience in the diagnostic field, especially in Immunometry, Autoimmunity, Microbiology, Serology, Bacteriology Molecular Biology and Research products. ALIFAX has also a medical division following the operating rooms and sterilization stations with high quality products (surgical instrumets, containers, medical devices, etc.) ALIFAX main aim is to offer the highest quality and the most professional technical scientific support.
Sire Analytical Systems and AXT-Alifax Technology belong to ALIFAX GROUP, the former as production centre and technical support providing a rapid and professional response to any inquiry and the latter as R&D. The management has great experience in electronics applied to biotechnology and has developed cell counters, coagulation projects, industrial softwares and robotics. SIRE ANALYTICAL SYSTEMS is conceiving new diagnostic products in Microbiology and Hematology with particular interest in opto-electronics and its applications in the medical-diagnostic field. They are specialized in design, prototype developments,engineering, calibration and verification of the instrumentation produced. They cooperate with Universities for external evaluations at certified laboratories. Worldwide patents were obtained for the products and for the analytical procedures SIRE ANALYTICAL SYSTEMS has developed such as URO-QUICK, TEST1, MICROTEST1 and the ROLLER SYSTEMS.

ALIFAX develops innovative laboratory equipment providing quick and reliable results and constantly improving its technology. ALIFAX continues to increase its range of new systems for the determination of the ESR, whose philosophy is linked to the requirements for total lab automation. Speed, flexibility, internal quality control and now three-level latex control to increase instrument accuracy, characterize these instruments that enable to process EDTA, the anticoagulant of choice for the ESR. ALIFAX is leader in Italy in urine culture automation with 370 Uro-Quick systems placed around the world and more than 6 millions tests. Now with the new Uro-Quick 4 we offer the possibility to perform automatically screening, R.A.A. test and susceptibility test in only 1 day not only in urine but also in many body fluids.

TEK2, TEK4 and TEK6 are new generation fully automated ELISA processors capable of processing 10 protocols simultaneously on two, four or six microplates respectively. A wide range of EIA kits pre-tested can be applied for autoimmunity and infectious diseases.

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