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With changes in the social environment, the role of medicine has greatly increased in importance. As a supplier of medical equipment, we have responded to the sophistication of medicine and diversification of customer needs. In addition to diagnostic ultrasound systems―a major method of diagnostic imaging which is expanding into the clinical field―we have also been involved in the development of nuclear diagnostic, osteoporosis diagnostic, sample testing, and therapeutic/surgical systems. These products, which reflect our dedicated pursuit of outstanding performance and reliability, have earned Aloka a solid reputation not only in Japan but also worldwide. Aloka’s radiation measuring instruments are used in various fields, including nuclear power, medicine, biochemistry, and pharmacology, and play crucial roles in radiation (safety) management, research and examination. As the pioneer in the field of radiation measurement, we have contributed greatly to the peaceful use of atomic energy and the development of isotope technology. With the slogan “Science and Humanity,” we will continue to assist the progress of medicine and energy for the new age.

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