Ambisea Technology Corporation Limited

Flat / Rm 804, Eastern Comm Ctr., 397 Hennessy Rd.
Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Phone: +852 3596 6988
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Company Profile

About Us
Provide cost effective, reliable and innovative products to the medical market.

AMBISEA Technology Corp., Ltd is mainly engaged in design, distribution and export of medical ultrasound scanners, patient monitors and medical image recording devices.

To meet customers’ special requirements, products can also be made to your design. We provide OEM and ODM services.

Althougth main operations are located in Hong Kong and Shenzhen China, AMBISEA Technology Corp., Ltd is operated with a “western” mindset, by Western and Chinese people with long term abroad experience. We proudly claim we can provide everything than most of Chinese companies can’t :

Commitment : we keep our promises, when we say “yes, we can”, no matter what, we will do what we say. No matter what time is it or which day of the week, we commit to satisfy our customers’ needs and any urgent matter to help them. Some of our staff have shifted working hours to be in sync with the Americas and Europe daylight and better support our customers.
Quality and Reliability : we praise for quality and reliability, we fight against lousy work which often goes with lazy workers. We contribute daily to improving our products quality and reliability. We always welcome feedbacks from customers (we are even asking for them) as there is always room for improvements.
Technical Support : we provide technical support in English, Russian, French and Chinese (currently working on adding Spanish and Portugese).
Responsability : if we make mistakes, we are willing to admit them. We’ll do whatever it takes to fix them.
Marketing Strategy : we build a fair and trustworthy worldwide distribution network for our products, we respect our dealers and do not sell to end user. We praise for long term relationships with our customers. To the contrary, most of Chinese companies exporting products are in business for quick and easy money, selling to anybody at any price without respect for any marketing strategy. They have no scruple to bypass their distributors to sell to end users, on the same market than them.
Our value proposition

Providing our customers with not only competitive prices but also with reliable and innovative products.
Stressing the importance of customer service – sales and after sale service with great care and guarantee that we meet the customers’ needs in every aspect.
Insuring Quality Control on production lines and final inspection before shipment by our experienced European staff.
Building a reliable distribution network throughout the world, emphasizing local support and respect of distributor’s territories.
Our services

OEM/ODM : Manufacture and co-design products, we can work from a customization of our products, up to the design/manufacturing of your own.
Freight forwarding / Shipment : we provide you with competitive prices from our partners (DHL and EMS Hong Kong Post office), as well as price comparisons from different shipping companies of your choice. You make the final choice for the shipping.

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